Data extraction automation using Machine Learning

SuccessData takes the pain out of data extraction by automating complex screening and analysis processes. By extracting the relevant data points and producing a predefined structured data output, SuccessData automates tasks that would otherwise require tremendous human effort.


SuccessData uses sophisticated machine learning to automatically turn “dark” data (unstructured data buried in free text, tables or figures which by definition cannot be processed by existing software or analytics platforms) from documents such as legal and commercial contracts, regulatory filings, web pages, news articles or annual reports into machine readable datasets.

Easy to set up
SuccessData is designed as an end to end integrated workflow from data collection to the production of structured results, accessible via simple REST API calls and deployed either on-premises and in the cloud. With a limited set of examples and no hand-labeling, SuccessData will understand and accurately extract complex relationships from documents.

Extract complex relationships 

In contrast to more traditional approaches focused on text only, SuccessData aims to extract relations conveyed jointly via textual, structural, tabular, and even visual expressions by using new deep-learning techniques to automatically capture the representation (in other words the features) needed to learn how to extract relationships from richly formatted data.

This allows us to capture information leveraging all the dimensions of richly-formatted data:

  • document-level relations (i.e. taking into account the context of a particular mention in a document), 
  • multimodality (i.e. whether the same data points appears in a paragraph, as an item in a table or in a list), and 
  • data variety (i.e. the same data point can be expressed using different units, taxonomies or formats).

We turn domain expertise and document understanding based on multiple modalities of information, first into meaningful signals of supervision, and then finally into predictive extraction results.

Business Cases

KYC processes

Your KYC processes involve complex screening and validations steps, typically there is a requirement to systematically and automatically retrieve the Ultimate Beneficiary Owners for a business from standard company paperwork.
SuccessData lets you automate the extraction step of the overall workflow.

Corporate Research

SuccessData enables financial institutions to digitize, classify, and extract knowledge — such as form fields, text passages, tables, and graphs — from publicly available annual reports, transcripts of earning class or research reports in order to automate the preparation of the data used by your analysts, advisors or sales and coverage teams.

Contract Management

SuccessData extracts specific data points from thousands of stored legal contracts and commercial agreements in order to automate the onboarding of your clients, perform smart classification or create compliance rules.

Procurement & Complex Invoicing

SuccessData helps you streamline complex invoicing and procurement process through automated extraction, normalisation of fields and parameters in order to improve reconciliation and internal allocation.

Funds information

SuccessData is helping brokers and Prime Services business to automate the extraction of information from fund prospectus in order to turn characteristics of a fund into compliance rules.

Get the value of dark data automation.

Discover how SuccessData automates your manual processes and integrates seamlessly with your existing workflows. SuccessData abstracts away the complexity of the actual extraction process, offering a scalable infrastructure, providing speed and lower costs.

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