Our Mission

is to extract structured data from highly variable documents in order to streamline processes and drive operational efficiency.

Our Approach

is to abstract away the complexity of machine learning processes so you can integrate our automation capabilities in your existing workflows using APIs that are simple to use, powerful in production, and highly scalable.

Our Team

is a group of experts with backgrounds in machine learning, data science, engineering, enterprise architecture, enterprise software and a very strong understanding of the financial industry due to decades of cumulated experience in fintech, banking and asset management.They have encountered first-hand the problems they are trying to solve and they know what delivering value means for our clients.


Laurent Louvrier


Seasoned fintech executive with 20 years’ experience in financial markets across derivatives trading, risk management and technology for both sell- and buy-side firms.

Former EMEA business manager for MSCI (large SaaS fintech vendor with $500m total revenue in the front- and middle-office analytics space, $150m+ in EMEA).

Former co-founder of a fintech start-up (Hyper Rig, London) with international exposure (operations in India).

Former partner of a fintech consultancy (2IC, Paris).

Vinod Singh
 Tech Advisor


Former AWS/Amazon Senior Tech Leader, in charge of the team of data scientists who apply machine learning on the “Last Mile” delivery prediction and the automation of invoices data extractions (from PDFs and images) from the carriers.

Former CTO of a global High Frequency Trading Firm.

Technology Advisor to very large Private Equity and Investments firms around Cloud/AI strategy.

Dominique Gendt
Head of Engineering and Data Science


Ecole Polytechnique, PhD in statistical physics.

Held very senior quant, risk and technology positions over a 13-year stint at HSBC.

Team lead on the partnership between HSBC and Google for the “Risk Future State Architecture” programme: deployment of risk, pricing and data science services on Google Cloud Platform.

Core team

Julie Louvrier
Sales & Marketing

Nipun Jain
Junior Developer

Nirmal Agrawal
Lead Developer


Gunjan Mehta
Backend Developer

Aman Kumar Soni
Backend Developer

Hameed Khandahari 
Data Scientist

Julia Clergerie 
Data Scientist

Julien Muller
Data Scientist

Mouad Chebanat
Data Scientist

Our Investors

SuperSeed’s mission is to help ambitious software business create great AI/software companies.
As investors, SuperSeed’s focus is on helping start-ups boost revenue growth and get on the path to building successful businesses.


"AI won’t replace managers, but managers who use AI will replace those who don’t"

Erik Brynjolfsson and Andy McAffee, Harvard Business Review