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Complex Invoicing

THE PROBLEMCompanies are not only under pressure to automate the capture and processing of invoices but they also need to improve their reconciliation processes, produce more relevant analytics and better detect fraud.
THE SOLUTIONSuccessData automatically extracts and consolidates all the relevant data points of an invoice info and output that is normalised across all types of invoices and documents in general.
THE BENEFITSProcess invoices 30 to 50x quicker than the manual workflow with up to 99+% accuracy. Reconcile automatically the content of invoices against price catalogs, fee schedules or invoice statements.

Client on-boarding

THE PROBLEMClient on-boarding or corporate KYC/KYS processes often involves retrieving information from legal or commercial contracts.
THE SOLUTIONSuccessData extracts specific data points from existing legal contracts or commercial agreements at scale and streamline document processing workflows.
THE BENEFITSRun on-boarding processes 30x quicker with extracted data quality increased by 15% minimum compared to a manual input.
Cross-reference output with internal sources to validate and enrich extracted data.

Insurance submissions handling

THE PROBLEMHandling submissions is a labour-intensive and time-consuming process that involves converting forms, reports, invoices and other documents into data that can be evaluated and used in actuarial processes.
THE SOLUTIONSuccessData automates the preparation of data used by internal systems to underwrite risk by turning highly variable unstructured documents into structured datasets and facilitates end-to-end document processing.
THE BENEFITSCompletely automate the processing of submissions.

Product and benefits

Improve accuracy
More than extraction
Improve accuracy
More than extraction
Reduce time spent on manual data processing and re-allocate resources to higher value tasks.
Dramatically improve data quality and reduce errors in your downstream systems and databases.
Go beyond raw data extraction and generate normalised, validated and enriched data sets that unlock business opportunities.

Why your AI project with SuccessData won't fail

It is widely recognised that 80% of the work with an AI project is collecting and preparing data. Most companies don't have either the budget or the resources associated with that going in. Good news: we don't need any hand-label training data!