Achieve better than human extraction quality on very large number of documents at a fraction of the time

They trust us

We help the financial industry

To streamline their processes
To reduce manual intervention
To minimize their operational risk
To improve data quality
And to save time & money

How SuccessData works

SuccessData automates complex screening and analysis processes by extracting relevant data points and producing a predefined structured data output, replacing tasks that would otherwise necessitate tremendous human effort.

What makes SuccessData special?

SuccessData uses sophisticated machine learning to automatically turn “dark” data (unstructured data buried in text, tables or figures which by definition cannot be processed by existing software or analytics platforms) from documents such as legal and commercial contracts, regulatory filings, web pages, news articles or annual reports into machine readable datasets.

Get better precision

SuccessData achieves more than 90% accuracy

Get more than data

SuccessData unique model extracts text, figures and data hierarchy

Get it quicker

with no hand-labelling needed and a model that trains on much smaller datasets, you automate your extraction at the speed of light

Plug and play

SuccessData is easy to set up

Why your AI project with SuccessData won't fail

It is widely recognised that 80% of the work with an AI project is collecting and preparing data. Most companies don't have either the budget or the resources associated with that going in. Good news: we don't need any hand-label training data!